Hi everyone. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at Pokey Toad, so here’s a quick run down on the current state of affairs as we adjust course and forge ahead.

As most of you already know we’re a pretty small team, with four people working here and some of us only really working on games part time. With that in mind we sat down together and took some time this week to talk about our current projects and make some tough decisions. While we remain hyped and excited about  our vision for Grimm Endings, it’s a big project that unforeseen circumstances have us scaling back and redirecting resources back to finishing Pooka Pets.

This by no means means Grimm Endings will be vanishing into the ether. Once Pooka Pets is finished we’ll be definitely be bringing back Grimm and the Big Bad Wolf. So many ideas, so little time.

That said, Pooka Pets still has a long way to go and we’re at the 80/20 mark where the last 20% of the work takes about 80% of the time. While we don’t currently have a solid date, instead of reaching for an end of year release with flowers and sunshine for all, we’ll be releasing Pooka Pets just in time for spring of 2014. After our failed kickstarter campaign earlier this year we decided to build on some of the solid feedback provided to us both from our backers and other people we talked to, and the game will be launching with some added features including enhanced pet interaction, better care taking systems, extra activities, and more.

Stay tuned!

As always if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns feel free to drop us a line via email, comments, etc.

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