The Team

Studio owner and team leader, Jared has an extensive background in programming and software development. Plus, as reigning king of the foosball table he’s got a pretty killer slap-shot.


Another programming veteran, Chad has been working with Jared in various capacities for the past several years. He’s passionate about programming, and loves games almost as much as he loves his kids… or was that the other way around?

The newest addition to Pokey Toad, Danielle interned with Pokey Toad during the summer of 2013 before joining the team full time. She is the head of our one-person art team, social media specialist, and a pretty darn good foosball player. She comes up with concepts, ideas, assets, and even a little bit of game design here and there. Oh, and she also writes these awesome bios.


Formerly Blue Lid Labs, Pokey Toad Studios came into existence in early 2013 to work on Pooka Pets. Before that our team created a number of small, simple games, as well as the drawing app Zoodle Pad for iOS. We published our first game in May of 2014 and are currently working to create a small collection of Children’s eBook apps with local artists and authors.


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