Dev Log #1 – Status Updates and Tutorial Suggestions

Despite a bit of a bug passing through the office over the last few weeks things at Pokey Toad are going well. Our artists have been hard at work developing a proof of concept prototype for the visuals in Grimm

High-Poly to Low-Poly Tutorial Part 3: Finishing up

Once you have imported your decimated high-poly mesh into 3D-Coat, your first step is to retopo it. Click the retopo tab to begin. Use the quads tool to draw new polygons over the high poly model, the quads automatically snap

High-Poly to Low-Poly Tutorial Part 2: Using Zbrush and Exporting your Mesh

Hey everyone, here we are again with our high-poly to low-poly tutorial. In this section I will be giving you a few tips on how to use Zbrush effectively as well as how to export your high-poly model and import

Kickstarter, devBlogs, and Salt Lake City Comic Con

With development wrapping up on the programming end within the next couple of months or so for Pooka Pets you might have noticed things have been a little on the quiet side over here on the Pokey Toad website. With

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