Despite a bit of a bug passing through the office over the last few weeks things at Pokey Toad are going well. Our artists have been hard at work developing a proof of concept prototype for the visuals in Grimm Endings, and so far so good! We’re really excited about how things are turning out so far. Below is a quick sneak peek at a screenshot one of our roughed out scenes. One of the challenges unique to working in 2.5D is making sure we can match our plane layouts to our camera perspective in a convincing manner, and so far we’re pretty happy with how things are going to work. What are your thoughts? Share your opinions with us by commenting here or talk to us on twitter–we’d love to hear what you have to say! With the conclusion of Sam’s High to Low Poly Tutorial from last week, we’ll be working on putting together another behind the scenes tutorial soon. If you see anything we’ve done and want to know more, hit us up on any of our social media sites with your questions and suggestions and we’ll do what we can!




Also in the news this week is the arrival of a fresh new batch of Grimm Endings t-shirts. We were going to originally sell and raffle them off at Salt Lake Comic Con, but due to a series of unfortunate events including a printing mixup we had to change plans at the last minute. As a result  we’ll be offering the t-shirts as Kickstarter rewards when we finally get things up and running there, so stay tuned for the end of this year!

Speaking of the end of the year, things are starting to wrap up on the Pooka Pets front. It’s been a long road and a huge learning process for us, but as of today we’re on track to meet our adjusted release date for the end of the year. Right now our programmers are working on implementing store and purchasing systems, adding in additional seasonal items like birthday flowers, and working out all the general kinks and bugs that crop up here and there. All in all we’re pretty optimistic about things–we’re certainly keeping busy.

As always feel free to hit us up with thoughts, questions, jokes, you name it.

Until next time!


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