Thanks to everyone who came out and made Fan X such a fantastic event! We here at Pokey Toad were blown away by all the great comments and feedback everyone had–not to mention the awesome costumes and fancy footwork.  Pooka Pets and Zoodle Pad were both a hit, and we had so much fun with the Dance Offs on Thursday and Friday we had to shut things down to keep things safe from overcrowding (next time we’re hoping to work out a fun location on the floor with a little more space to do it again)

Obert Skye dropped by on Saturday as promised, safe and sound from his cross-country touring to say hi, sign books, and chat with fans about The World of Obert Skye app we’ve been working on over the last few months. To top things off, here are a few of our favorite pics and Pookas, so keep an eye out for more coming soon!





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