Zoodle Pad (2011)zoodlpadicon

Let your imagination run wild with Zoodle Pad! Zoodle pad is fantastically fun drawing app that lets you create just about anything! Download pre-made stamp packs, play with photos, tell stories with Zoodle Comics and more! With Zoodle Pad you’re bound to have a blast!

Get it now on the Apple app store for iOS. Available for phones and tablets.


Pooka Pets (2014)pookaicon

Pooka Pets is a fairy tale take on the casual virtual pet genre of games. In this game you care for a Pooka of your very own–a shape-shifting fairy from Irish folklore. These benevolent fairies learn through interacting with the world around them and by collecting magical gems to enhance their powers. With multiple forms and millions of transformation combinations the possibilities are endless!

For iOS and  coming soon to Android.

The World of Obert Skye (2014)Obertskyeicon

Welcome to the World of Obert Skye, where anything is possible. Located on the mysterious island of Skye is the equally mysterious Empulse Orphanage. Join Obert Skye in a journey of discovery as he uncovers the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of several the orphanage’s young residents. Visit WorldOfObertSkye.com for more!




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