With development wrapping up on the programming end within the next couple of months or so for Pooka Pets you might have noticed things have been a little on the quiet side over here on the Pokey Toad website. With our unsuccessful campaign on Kickstarter we decided as a team to take a step back, examine, and talk about some of the things that went wrong and more importantly what we learned from the experience.

So what did we learn?

Know your audience, and let your audience know you.

Pooka Pets is diabetes inducing levels of cute, designed to cater to 4-10 year old girls and the occasional item hoarder, plus it’s fairly simple and straightforward in terms of gameplay. So we knew our audience–not exactly your regular Kickstarter crowd to say the least. We didn’t let that stop us though, and after several weeks of preparation we launched our campaign hoping for the best. Needless to say it was a slow start, with one or two small donations here and there. But there was momentum, and two dollar donations became twenty, then even a couple hundred dollar donations (though admittedly at least one of the backers at that level pulled out shortly after pledging) We were excited, thrilled even– and then we hit the halfway mark in the campaign.

We were still at $200. Ouch.

Despite our best efforts to get the word out during the campaign there really wasn’t much we could do at that point (and in fact much of our research afterwards suggested at least three months of ”getting the word out” prior to launching your campaign) Friends and family had seen our posts and passed them on patiently, but in the end we had to admit that Kickstarter wasn’t going to work out for Pookas. In hindsight this was to be expected in the sea of big sprawling sci fi thrillers and fantasy epics. Supply and demand–and on Kickstarter there was no demand for what we were trying to supply.

Like so many other failed Kickstarter projects we faded into the background, going quiet and rethinking what we could have done differently. We read articles on running successful Kickstarter campaigns, articles on common mistakes– heck we even read a couple of articles about kittens. Okay that last part isn’t true, the point is we read a LOT of articles with a lot of great advice and common sense material we really should have known in the first place.

So here we are and this is us, regrouping and stepping up our campaign game by kicking off a fresh new devBlog for another go.

Which of course brings us to the rest of this post. As some of you may have heard Sam and Danielle be hosting an Artists Alley table at Salt Lake Comic Con in two weeks time. This event should be pretty fun–and pretty darn packed to say the least with projections of around 25k-35k people at the Salt Palace Convention Center. At their table they’ll be handing out bookmarks and postcards with some of the concept art we’ve been developing for our upcoming game, Grimm Endings. Grimm Endings is our answer not only to our failed Kickstarter with Pooka Pets, but our love of fairy tales, folklore, and the need to make something that doesn’t rot our teeth with cute.

Starting today we will be posting weekly updates on our progress from concept to a proof of concept prototype before launching a brand new Kickstarter to fund the rest of the game. So stop by Artists Alley, grab some free stuff, get a sketch, and lets make this thing happen! Next week we’ll be talking about the concepts behind Grimm, the characters, and the secrets hidden deep within the haunted forest.

Stay tuned!


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