Hey guys, Comic Con is here and happening now! Talk about awesome right? This weekend’s inaugural event is going to be huge! The pre-sales alone have been crazy, with more than 30,000 tickets sold. That’s five zeroes. Five. Not to mention they’ve got a pretty classic and totally awesome lineup of celebrity guests, comics artists, writers, and game designers coming to talk about their work, their jobs, and other awesomely geeky things.

Needless to say it’s going to be a blast!

So, check it all out and keep an eye open for updates. We’ll be blasting out some tweets on our con experience from our team twitter account, which you can follow @PokeyToad, and Danielle/Sam will be live blogging the event on tumblr from their artists alley table at D1 on the event floor. Drop by and say hi to get on our mailing list for special updates on the games we’re working on ( Grimm Endings and The World of Obert Skye ), enter your name to win a Grimm Endings t-shirt, and pick up a free bookmark! Our artists will be sharing the table with a couple of great people, so if you get the chance you should check out their work and maybe grab a con sketch while you’re there!

EDIT: So apparently there’s a minor (see major) issue with the t-shirt prints. They wound up not looking a thing like the proofs we were sent from the company, so rather than sell y’all poor quality t-shirts we’re going to try and figure something else out. Even if we can’t do something at the con, we’ll try and do something neat online to show our thanks for your support in stopping by. We’ll still have the posters and bookmarks from Alpha Graphics–those turned out great. Thanks for your understanding! We’ll see you at the con!

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