Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It…

Chad Stever provides a quick rundown of the Pooka Pets ‘Mission System’. Levels For Everyone We have added a Level System to Pooka Pets so the player can level up and earn achievements and thereby give  a sense of satisfaction

Kickstarter, devBlogs, and Salt Lake City Comic Con

With development wrapping up on the programming end within the next couple of months or so for Pooka Pets you might have noticed things have been a little on the quiet side over here on the Pokey Toad website. With

Pokey Toad Launches Pooka Pets KickStarter Campaign

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our first KickStarter Campaign: Pooka Pets.  We are very proud of this game and would really love to see it funded so we can have the resources to make it truly

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