Chad Stever provides a quick rundown of the Pooka Pets ‘Mission System’.

Levels For Everyone

We have added a Level System to Pooka Pets so the player can level up and earn achievements and thereby give  a sense of satisfaction to the player that comes from accomplishment.

What’s In A Mission

Inside the Level System is a Mission System.   In order to gain experience and consequently “level up”, a player needs to complete Missions.  Each mission has one or more objectives the player has to accomplish in order to gain experience points and ultimately the reward of leveling up.

A Guide to Help You Play Your Best

These missions are designed to teach the player how to play the game.  The first few missions are more of a tutorial teaching the player how to feed, dress, and otherwise interact with their Pooka.  As the player increases in level,  they will be given more complicated and rewarding missions to complete.

How It Works

From a technical stand point we implemented this system using PlayMaker in Unity.  In case you aren’t familiar with PlayMaker , it  is a visual way to make Finite State Machines in Unity and it is great for making games.

Mission System Diagram

Interacting Parts of The Mission System

In our mission system a  Finite State Machine (FSM) receives events spawned from user actions or other game mechanics and then checks with a component we are cleverly enough calling “The Mission System” to see if the action satisfies the current mission’s objectives.  The Mission System reports back to the FSM whether an objective has been fulfilled and if the mission is complete.  If it is the Mission System moves to the next mission if one exists.  The UI gets information from the Mission System in a separate FSM and updates itself accordingly.

More Fun

Giving the player a goal or mission engages the player in the experience and gives them a reason to play them game.  In short, missions increase the fun , and games should be fun.


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